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Code Alarm
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DIY Vehicle Specific Remote Car Starter Kits
Code Alarm & Chapman Replacement Parts
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Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
In Stock:14
  • Code Alarm Combination LED and Push Button Valet Button
  • Part Number: PBLED LED Color: BLUE
  • Has individual small White 2-Pin and slightly larger Blue 2-Pin plugs
  • Total of 4 wires
Code Alarm 3-Wire LED
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
In Stock:12
  • Code Alarm, Chapman, Ford & GM Systems Combo LED
  • Combination RED LED/Valet/Override/Push Button Switch
  • 3-Wire LED: 1 GREEN, 1 ORANGE & 1 BLUE
  • Will work on Code Alarm Systems with 3-wire combination LED/Valet Buttons.
  • Also Applicable to Ford, Mitsubishi or GM Alarm Systems with 3-wire combination LEDs.
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
In Stock:31
  • Used to Program Remotes to the majority of older Code Alarm & Chapman brand systems made before 2006.
  • Also used to "Emergency Bypass" a System in case of Remote or System Failure.
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
In Stock:1
  • Code Alarm Antenna w/Black 4-Pin Plug-In Cable
  • Compatible to all Code Alarm Systems that use the CA-425 or CA-425A master control modules.
  • Also Replaces the Antenna for both Code Alarm model's CA-160 & CA-670.
  • Part Number is found on the base of the antenna that's commonly mounted on the windshield.
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
In Stock:17
  • Code Alarm or Chapman Replacement Antenna
  • Replacement Antenna for Code Alarm & Chapman Models: F-50, F-55, F-60, F-65, CA-530, CA-630 and all the "Power-Code" Series system's.
  • This antenna is the type that has a small black 2-pin plug that plugs into the systems main control module and is directly wired into the antenna base part that mounts on the windshield.
  • This antenna is also used as a range extender for Code Alarm & Chapman model's: F-10, F-15 & CA-130
In Stock:out of stock
  • Code Alarm CA-420 Replacement Antenna w/Black 3-Pin Plug-In Cable
  • For systems with a 3-wire black plug that plugs into the control unit and a white 3-wire plug that plugs into the antenna.
  • Part # 118B1128 (indicated on original antenna)
  • Replaces Code Alarm Antenna for Models: CA-420, CA-125, CA-535.
In Stock:out of stock
  • Code Alarm CA-421 Combination Antenna/Valet/Programming Button w/Harness
  • Part Number 1032439
  • 1 X Black 3-Pin 3-Wire Plug, 1 X Blue 2-Pin 1-Wire Plug
  • 1 X Black 4-Pin Plug that plugs into the Antenna
In Stock:out of stock
  • Code Alarm Combination Antenna/Valet/Programming Button/LED's w/Harness
  • For Code Alarm Systems: CA-440TW and CA-671
  • FCC ID: ELVATRGB Part Number: 1032323
  • 1 X White 2-Pin 1-Wire Plug, 1 X Blue 2-Pin 1-Wire Pug and 1 X Black 4-Pin 4-Wire Plug
  • 1 X Black 6-Pin 6-Wire Plug that plugs into the Antenna
  • 2 X Built-In Blue LED's on the right and left top sides of the Antenna
Reg. Price:
Sale Price:
In Stock:5
  • FCC ID: H50TR14
  • Code Alarm Antenna w/Black 4-Pin Plug-In Cable
  • Compatible Code Alarm Models: CA-650 and CA-170
  • FCC ID is found on the bottom of the antenna that's commonly mounted on the windshield.
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