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Remote Car Starter Installs Installer Testimonials

All testimonials below are genuine comments gathered from real emails received by real customers.
New testimonials are added when received to assure our continuing effort to provide excellent products and support.

Thank you everyone for your Business over the Years!

The Techs' at the Shop

  • 08-30-14: Emailing you guys to let you know how everything went and for a testimonial to post on your website. I recently ordered a CA-5153 VSS from autoalarmpro for my 2006 F-150 and I have to say the kit was great! I had it installed and working fine in less then 2 hours. The best part about the kit is the interface that comes with it that doesnt require me to give up one of my key's and put it into the remote starter module to bypass the PATS anti-theft system in order to get the truck to remote start like I had to do with a bulldog system I installed a couple of years ago. Its cool how the Flashlogic interface module makes a copy of one of my keys anti-theft code with just connecting 2 wires. Plus the installation instructions were nice they made the whole install much easier, with the last system I installed I had to use two different manuals to install the system and figure out what wires I had to use and which ones I didn't. Anyways, your kits are everything your website says they are and more and I will be getting one again near winter time for my brothers car. Thanks, Dan.
  • 06-30-14: Just a note to tell you what a great job you did. Bob and Derek were very patient, and helpful. Never had support like this from any company. Thanks again, Michael.
  • 04-06-14: ...Bob in sales was great, he helped me thru the online chat and directed me to the CA-6553 remote I needed and it programmmed easily as he said it would, the quick programming instructions were clear and easy to follow, if I ever need another part for my code alarm system I will definately call on you guy's. Thanks, Rico.
  • 03-07-14: Just wanted to say Thank You for the Awesome system. I have been installing DIY remote start systems for a while now, and this was by far the easiest and less time consuming. The step by step instructions were top notch. The normal install time is 4 hours. Your system cut that down to 2 hours. Thanks again!!! (Installed a CA-5153 into a 2006 Ford F-150). 
  • 01-05-14: Just wanted to drop you guys a note and say thanks for the great systems and start up assistance. That makes 2 Volvo conversions, both of which went extremely well. You guys run a great business.....have good products, service and do what you say.
  • 12-23-13: I recently installed a CA-5550SST VSS kit on my personal 2007 Ford F-150. I love it.
  • 11-19-13: My complements on the service with the kit. The instructions and wiring harness were absolutely phenominal and easy to use.
  • 11-13-13: Just wanted to send a big thank you to your technician, Derek. He helped us twice with the install on a 19 year old car which I had my doubts you would still have any info on. He was patient and friendly and figured out our wiring issues we needed to finish the install. He stayed on the phone while I stepped through the final steps. So nice to call a company where you get great personal help like this. Also want to comment on how excellent the system is. Great product and I highly recommend your company to anyone interested in installing a system in their car. Thanks, Helen.
  • 10-07-13: Thanks so much Derrick, I had to take the time to write you a special thank you. I purchased a remote from a company that did not even provide me with directions or a place to find directions to program my remote. The dealer sent me to a Alarm installer in my area that did not know how to program it either They were going to go on the internet and find directions just like I had to. I could not find the directions anywhere. I called Derrick and told him I did not even buy the remote from them. With a cheerful and helpful spirt asks me a few questions and told me in detail exactly what to do (its was more complicated than most remotes since it was an older model). I followed his instructions and within minutes had my remote working as it should. Thanks for being a great service orientated business. Most would have tried to charge me for the support but you went over the top and this is one happy future customer. Thanks, Robert F
  • 09-27-13: "I have to say I would not have got the Procomp system in my Civic so easily if it wasn't for your guy's step by step manual, great set up. I will recommend and would buy again"  Thanks, Frank G.
  • 08-31-13: "Great set-up autoalarmpro techs! Really liked the step-by-step manual and tech support was prompted and very professional, I can tell you guys are really true installers after talking." Thanks, Darin C.
  • 07-28-13: "Derek - just a word of gratitude - nicely designed system - flawless operation - no problems. 4th system from you and it only gets better ! Thanks man, use me as a reference". Carlo.
  • 06-24-13: "AutoAlarmPro, thanks I got it done. Absolutely problem free so far...the VSS set up saved me a lot of time and footwork. Regards, Mike" (Installed a CA-6553SST VSS into a 2010 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ 4X4)
  • 06-12-13: "I have purchased from your company before and have nothing but praise for the product and service I have received" Steven C.
  • 05-26-13 from Michael F. Installed a CA-5053 VSS into a 2004 Nissan: "Just got done installing my first car starter. I have had them installed before for me, all for $450. Your instructions were great, took me awhile but got it in and it all works great. Thanks a million you guys are the best"
  • 03-25-13 from Ismael F. Installed a CA-5550SST VSS 2-Way Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry system into a 2012 Nissan Frontier: "I just wanted to say thank you! I received my order and installed my remote starter w/keyless entry this past Saturday. It took me about 3 1/2 to 4 hours to complete but well worth it. Your instructions were very detailed and worked like a charm. Keep up the good work!"
  • 03-03-13 from Matt K: "Just finished installing a CA-5153 VSS system on my daughter's 2010 Ford Focus SE. This is my fifth installation of a system from your company, and the level of instruction and guidance continues to improve with each system that I buy. The photographs in the instructions (new feature, I believe?) are especially helpful in helping to identify the proper wire bundles where you need to install the T-taps. An excellent buying experience, excellent products, and excellent instructions! Keep up the good work!"
  • 01-25-13 from Samuel S: "I just wanna say thank you for the speedy delivery of my carbine 2-way replacement remote. Thank you very happy with your service. Keep up the good work."
  • 01-18-13 Derek is the best! But let me start at the beginning. The sales staff helped me find the correct replacement fob for my remote start system. They knew exactly what to ask, and gave me the confidence to know that I was ordering the right part. Once I receive the products, I had some difficulty programming the fob, but Derek (member of their support staff) walk me through each step. Thanks.
  • 12-05-12 from Philip C. Installed a CA-4053 VSS Remote Starter into a 2012 Ford F-150: "Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick Email. I just finished installing my remote starter system into my truck. I want to thank you for making the installation so simple and that everything works great. I did have a question for the teck support and they responded very quickly and had immediate answers to my questions. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas."
  • 11-12-12 from Chris M. Installed a CA-5053 VSS Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry into a 2003 Ford F-150: "I installed this system on 11/09/2012 and spoke with Derrick about two issues I was having with wiring color and extra wire. He did a great job of getting me the info. It installed perfectly and works very well. Thanks again and I will buy one for a gift this Christmas!"
  • 11-11-12 from Steven in Berthold, ND. Installed a CA-5153 VSS remote starter with keyless entry into a 2004 Chevrolet Traverse: "I finally had time to install the kit I ordered when the temps were in their teens. I installed it in 3 hours in my garage and was very happy with the install especially when it started on the first time. Complete kit with very good installation manual. Thanks AutoAlarmPro!"
  • 10-26-12 from Martin in Marion, IA. Installed a CA-4053 VSS remote starter into a 2005 Honda Pilot, a CA-4053 VSS into a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid, a RS-CH5 into a 2012 Chrysler 200 and a CA-4050 VSS into a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan: "Just another testimony. Derek is awesome. I had yet again made another rookie mistake. I love working with you never make me feel stupid and are pleasant to talk to. After I figured out my mistake, viola I was able to get to the ignition harness easily and got the remote starter installed with ease!! Thanks yet again! I have purchased and installed as of today I think 4 units and purchased a 5th this morning. I will continue to buy from you guys for all my remote starter needs and refer the heck out of you to everyone!"
  • 10-17-12 from Justin in Hermitage, PA. Installed a CA-4552 VSS into a 2004 Dodge Stratus: "Just wanted to say you guys have a great product and the instructions were very clear, I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the great remote starter. I would recommend you to anyone. A+."
  • 09-26-12 from Neal in Avilla, IN. Installed a CA-4053 VSS remote starter into a 2004 Jeep Cherokee and a CA-5053 VSS remote starter into a 2003 Dodge Stratus SE: "Just installed a remote starter on my Daughters 2003 Dodge Stratus and on my Jeep Grand Cherokee overland. Instructions and installation was pretty easy. Only had one issue with the brake wire but figured it out. Also if you want to change the setting from a 2 press start to a one press to start it seems a challenge to go through all the beeps to get to the setting you need to change. Overall, very satisfied. Installed a competitors model on another car years ago, that was a challenge and was on the phone several times."
  • 09-25-12 from Michael in Vancleave, Mississippi. Installed a CA-4053 VSS remote starter system into a 2011 Ford F-150: "Hi Derek, I just wanted to thank you for the tech support on helping me install my CA-4051 remote starter. Everything works great. You have a great product at a fantastic price. I saved almost 300 dollars installing this myself. Again thank you very much and I will recommend this company over and over. Gear service, great product and great tech support."
    09-11-12 from Rich: "I received my CA-5053 VSS last night. I removed my car panels last night. Installed the remote start during my lunch break today, and will put the panels back tonight. The system works flawlessly! I tried another brand in the past but had terrible luck with them. This vehicle-specific system is the perfect way to go. I didn't have to run back out for more connectors and I didn't have to go back inside to do more research. The instructions were clear, concise, and I will definitely be recommending you guys to my friends."
  • 08-21-12 from Michelle: "Good Evening Derrick (I hope I spelled your name correctly), THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help on the phone and with the picture. I found the programming button. It was behind the hood lever release. I just reset my 2 remotes in 2 minutes. I really appreciate your enthusiasm, and I will be sure to refer others to your company. Have a great evening."
    07-27-12: "Just wanted to let know I just finished installing one of your vss systems into my ram 1500. System showed up in my mail promptly in Canada and install instructions were perfect. A nice sunny afternoon remote locks/anti-theft install completed thx to"
    07-16-12 From Eppie M. in Utah: "I would like to thank Auto Alarm Pro for such quick delivery service and proficiency along with friendly demeanor. I am going to give you five stars in all aspects of my transaction."

  • 07-02-12 from Patricia A. in Glenville PA: "The best place to purchase a replacement remote for your code alarm system, autoalarmpro is the only site I found that actually shows how much of an item they have in stock and that they actually do stock it!! and it was delivered in 4 days from the day I ordered it. I ordered a remote from another site that come to find out didn't stock it and took 3 weeks for them to even aknowlege me of my orders status, I finally just cancelled the order. Thank you Derek for all your help."
  • 04-06-12 from Tom H. Installed a CA-4053 VSS Remote Starter into a 2006 Ford F-150: "Hey Derek & Jake, thanks for all the insight and I will be purchasing another CA-4053 system from you guy's soon, great set up."
  • 03-19-12 from Tammy: "Just wanted to say Thanks to Derek For all his help today. I am really glad i found your sight on car alarms. You had the remote i needed plus i was able to get the owners manual I didn't get with my alarm from circuity City when I purchased the Keyless car alarm. Thanks Again and I know who to call when my remote comes to help me program it."
  • 03-06-12 from John R: "I received my CA-5053 VSS yesterday and I installed it this morning in my 2005 Chevy Silverado. The installation instructions are so precise that after installation and a quick programming it worked superbly. I had tried a different brand prior to finding Auto Alarm Pro and ended up returning that system due to poor customer support and no help at all with interface module. I am very happy I found this Vehicle specific starter company, and will use it again when necessary and I will recommend it to all my friends."
  • 06-16-12 from Terry V: "Hello, I made the connections to the system today, tested and adjusted everything but the trunk pop as I don't have the poppers yet, but it all went without one single problem. Derek, I'll be contacting you when it comes time to install all the poppers. Thanks again for all the support, prewiring, tech tips, and fast replies. I couldn't be happier with everything, and I will be recommending you highly."
  • 02-29-12 from Jeff P in Mesa, AZ: "I just want to say thanks to AutoAlarmPro for making a complete, easy to install system. When looking for a “complete” alarm system for my wife’s car, I had more questions than answers. I decided to roll the dice order a Carbine 4900+ VSS for my wife’s 2006 Chevy Impala. A complete, quality product arrived at my door. I have a two year degree in electronics. I can attest to the installation instructions being very specific, very simple, and written so that an idiot could install it. Look forward to ordering the CA-6551 SST VSS for my 2010 Silverado."
  • 02-24-12 from Jeff D. installed a CA-5153 VSS remote starter with keyless entry system into a 2008 Ford F-150:"Just wanted to Thanks! I got my CA-4051 VSS and everything went together perfectly!! Besides a few grammer errors (lol) it was very easy to undestand. Everything was right where it was said to be and it all worked perfectly the first time. Good stuff! Thanks.
  • 12-15-11 from Jim A. installed a CA-5153 VSS into a 2002 Dodge Ram SLT: "Don't throw your money away buying anything BUT AutoAlarmPro. System installed just like they said it would. Follow instructions EXACTLY as given in the manual, and it will work. Only one complaint - personally don't like the T-Taps that come with the system. Top notch product and a breeze to install. Thanks. ps. I've had mine for one day and have sent three to AAP for their own system"
  • 12-11-11 from Brian K. installed a CA-4053 VSS remote starter system into a 2001 Chrysler Town & Country and 2000 Ford Focus: "Superb! a Great system offered by an even better company. Tech support is definately guys who know the business they are in and can troubleshoot even the most bizarre quirks on an install that thay are not even near, my hats off to you guys. Of all the systems I have installed in the past, this VSS system was by far the best for simplicity and price. Just installed two of these systems and will be getting ahold of you for more when needed. Thank you very much Derek, you definately have great customer service and a great product."
  • 11-28-11 from Steve D. installed a CA-5550SST VSS remote starter with keyless entry system into a 2007 Nissan Frontier: "This is the third system I installed but the first one I've gotten from All I can say is this was a great experience. I received call backs from tech support within 15 minutes and they were right on with their suggestions. Great Job!"
  • 11-07-11 from Moe D. installed a CA-4053 VSS remote starter system into a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado: "Great kit, got it installed and working within 90 minutes. I'll recommend your services. Thank you."
  • 11-02-11 from Orville: "I just want to thank you very much for such a prompt and professional technical support and the ease of installation of the CA-5153 VSS into my 2004 Toyota 4Runner. Derek, you explained it perfect and the installation guide was easy and straight forward. This is my first time installing a Remote Starter and it started up the very first time. The only minor problem was that one of the wire set for the Flashlogic was missing. However it was sent to me in a day and a half. I love you guys. Will definately tell others about you. Thank you."
  • 10-19-11 from Martin G. Installed CA-6552SST into a 2002 Crysler Town & Country and a CA-4053 into a 2005 Honda Pilot: "First off...wanted to say...I love that you guys are here. I have done 2 installs so far, and I am possibly looking at doing my third. Your service is AWESOME!!
  • 10-03-11 from Eduard R: I just want to thank Jake and Derek for the prompt and professional technical support. I purchased the CA-6551RS remote start w/Keyless for My 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The provided instructions worked perfectly and I installed the system in just a few hours. The only issue I had it was with the bypass module which did not interface well with factory antitheft module but Derek figured that out and replaced it with a new FlashLogic bypass interface. Again, thanks so much, and soon I will order another system for my Malibu.
  • 08-08-11 from Robert W. Installed a CA-6151 Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry system into a 2003 Jeep Cherokee: "I just wanted to say that the technical support has is the best. Derek was the best tech and i have been telling all my friends and relatives to order from your company keep up the good work thank you so much."
  • 03-01-11 from James installed a CA-6552SST into a 2011 Ford F-150: "I just wanted to drop you guys a line to let you know. I just purchased the CA-6551SST alarm system and remote start. The provided instructions worked perfectly and the system was installed in just a few hours. With all of the parts and accessories provided, I am completely satisfied with my purchase. Even one of coworkers that used to install alarm systems for one of the "Ultimate" stores was impressed and will be purchasing his personal system from you soon. Thanks, you guys rock!"
  • 02-18-11 from John D. Installed a CA-4053 VSS Remote Starter system into a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado: "Not one glitch in the install, smooth sailing thanks to the vehicle specific installation manual"
  • 11-09-10 from Bill B. Installed CA-4053 VSS into a 1989 K1500: "Hey guys, just a note to say that this was the easiest remote start that I've ever installed. You guys do a bang-up professional job. Great job and thanks"
  • 10-30-10 from Rich: "Hey Derek, just wanted to shoot you an email letting you know that everything has been working great, no issues! I greatly appreciate your help and support with everything. I'll continue recommending you to the members of which I moderate and have great respect and trust amongst the members. I know a few guys have purchased from you already so hopefully you will continue getting business from others as well. BTW, my screen name on that site is dirtydog just incase you have people saying my screen name rather than my actual name. This way you know who the heck that Anyways, the replacement SRT-9000 remote is sooo much better and responsive and I have programmed everything to my likings regarding the headlights etc.. Again, thanks so much and you have been so gracious in helping me out! If I need any other kits, I know exactly who to go to! Cuz you 'da man..haha"
  • 10-18-10 from Joe who installed a CA-6552 into a 2010 Jeep Wrangler: "You guys are the best and I'm definately coming back to you again for my next alarm"
  • 09-16-10 "Thanks a lot. This cured the problem. You guys are very professional. This is the third alarm I purchased and had a very positive experience every time I dealt with Auto Alarm Pro." Ron H. (Installed CA-6150 into 2006 Toyota Tacoma)
  • 08-23-10 "Best system I have did myself yet. Its good to get a system thats got everything you need to install it and the installation instructions are the best I've ever used. Keep up the good work! I will be buying again this winter" Jerry C. in NJ (Installed into 2005 Ford F-150)
  • 08-20-10..."I wanted to let you know that your last bit of expertise was the trick -it works just like it did and as it should. Today was a scorcher, so I sure appreciated the remote start. F.Y.I. -you're my hero. Almost 4 years of not working, and now working perfectly after a few days of your help!!! Thanks again, I REALLY appreciate all of your help and guidance!!" Pete (No purchase. Just needed a little help)
  • 08-12-10..."I want to thank you for your efforts and advise in restoring my X11 to full operation. I spoke to you on Tuesday and thanks to you I had it working in minutes. I would also like to say, way back when I was installing the system the VSS made things go so much faster and better and you were a pleasure to work with. Thanks for sending the antenna cable which I didn't need after all. In closing, all I can say is you know your stuff and a pleasure to talk with. Take care. Joe W. Dearborn, MI. (Installed into a 2001 Ford Escape)
  • 04-21-10 "Nice set-up, very easy to follow installation instructions, very happy with the system." Nicalo G. Eldorado, TX. (Installed X11 LE into a 2010 Ford F-150)
  • 02-22-10 "From the vehicle specific packaging to having everything you need for the install, to the custom set up and installation instructions, definately a quality system put together by a company that knows what its doing! Great system!" Adam T Fairbanks, AK (Installed into a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado)
  • 01-12-10..."I did what you said to do in page 22 and everything works perfectly. Thank you so much for your help. I will recommend you and your company to anyone who needs an alarm or remote start and will do business with you again" Steven (Installed Code Alarm CA-6550 in 06 Ford E-150)
  • 12-19-10 "Thanks Auto Alarm Pro. The remote start is installed and working well. Great instructions and great help. Will recommend Auto Alarm Pro to others. Vehicle specific instructions is the way to go." Gillis R. Installed CA-4051 into a 2009 Dodge Avenger.
  • 02-14-10 "Absolutely a great product (Remote Starter). Took a couple of hours to wire and ran the first time with no issues.. The instructions are detailed and take you step by step and provide testing instructions to double check that you have the right connection... Will recommend to anyone... Thanks," Mike K. Providence, UT (Installed into a 2006 Buick Rendevous)
  • 12-12-09 "Derek, You are the bomb my brother. Thanks for you help and genuine sense of humor. In a word, "Exceptional"; honestly the easiest install I have ever done. Derek was "AWESOME" from the start when I called just to get a feel for the company, through the installation, and ending with a few programming options. I easily saved hundreds of dollars by doing it myself. 5 stars all the way, I highly recommend." Dennis D. (Installed Marksman Extreme Series X11 LE 2-Way Remote Start with 4-Windows Up Module 2009 Toyota Tacoma DC Off Road).
  • 11-13-09 "A long story short: Just sorry I didn't find AutoAlarmPro.coms systems 3 remote starter installations ago!! Save yourself alot of time and frustration and shop no further for a remote starter system! Josh M. in TX (Installed a VSS into a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado)
  • 10-31-09 "Just wanted to drop a line that the guys at are the best in the business. I have installed a few remote starters over the years, and never have I ever had such great customer support, and worked with such good products. These guys have a really tough job when they can't see what we as "hobbyist" installers have done, and they deserve 2 big thumbs up. When I am getting ready to install another starter, I will definitely bypass everyone else, and come to these guys." Martin G. in Marion IA (Installed a VSS into a 2002 Chrysler Town & Country w/Power Sliders & Power Hatch)
  • 09-17-09 "Just wanted to let you know that we finally got the remotes to work.  I followed your recommendations and got the location of a nearby authorized dealer from the Code Alarm folks.  [Well, "nearby" is a bit of an understatement.  But it was nearer than coming up to Michigan!] They found that there was a bad wire in the valet button assembly.  Once they fixed it they were able to program them with no problem. So thanks for your patience--all of the phone time you spent trying to help me sort this out was much appreciated! Best, Mrs. Kirk (Purchased a Code Alarm Replacement remote)
  • 08-21-09 "Just wanted to say thank you for the fast shipping and great product. The directions were easy to follow and boy was it here fast! You have a new customer for life! Thank you, Chris (Purchased a Code Alarm Replacement remote)
  • 08-20-09 "THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of your help with getting my alarm working, it works great now...i will make sure to buy from you again and recommend you to all  my friends!!! Josh S. (Installed an Add-On Alarm to factory remotes into a 2004 Dodge Ram)
  • 07-14-09 "Hey Derek...thanks a million for such a quick response regarding my remote on Sunday morning. Your extreme professionalism coupled with your product installation methods are unmatched. I wish there would be more businessmen in the world like yourself. I highly indorse your company to anyone seeking to purchase an alarm system. You truly are the Auto Alarm PRO." Christopher L. in N.Y.
  • 06-04-09 "I recently installed the X11 into my 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser and I justed wanted to let you know that it installed perfectly and is working great! I will highly recommend the system on the Toyota forum online. Thank you" Ted C. in Texas
  • 06-02-09 "I ordered the X7 VSS and installed it on my 06 5.9 Cummins Ram. The X-7 works great on my truck and the install went well due to your great tech support. Thanks" Donnie D. in Virginia.
  • 06-02-09 "I have ordered and installed two remote systems from your company for my personal vehicles. I am Happy to say they were easy to install with no problems nor complaints. My Family will be Happy this winter as we live in the Northeast and my friends are impressed with the added luxury. The installation instructions were easy to follow and the wiring colors and their locations were precise. What amazed me was your experience and vast knowledge of the 03 Honda Civic and 04 Yukon Denali. The Denali was the second system installed after the Honda Civic. The Honda system installed was the X7 VSS, Remote Sart / Alarm W / Keyless Entry. The Denali system was the X6 VSS Remote Start w / Keyless Entry. During the preparation and dismantling process of both vehicles I was apprehensive on the removal of dashboard panels which I could of damaged without your assistance. Once I spoke to you, the process was easier than expected. Your detailed explanations of each step and wire function eliminated any guessing. Your patience and guidance was way above any tech support I have ever used. The wiring verification with the test probe took the fear out of short circuiting and verified good connections. Both vehicles started right up on first attempt with no failures. My family was shocked seeing me and my friend dismantling the cars; then cutting, slicing and taping. They looked at the wires hanging and went into the house, I told them don't worry I got Derek standing by from tech support. After completing, bundling and securing the systems, the dash panels were reinstalled without damage or identifying marks. The family came out to see the start up and looked in amazement, then they checked the car for damage and conducted an inspection. They were surprised there was no indication that the system was installed.Before I found your company, my best friend and I shopped online for two months looking for an easy system to install with good tech support. The problem was found in the tech support sections of web sites, which was little to none. They want you to buy the system and then they'll offer you support. I ordered one and tech support was a busy signal. I sent the system back. In conclusion, I'm recommending your company to my friends and relatives as an easy DIY. Thanks again, Chris M. in NYC
  • 06-15-09 "Thank you very much. The alarm we purchased from your company works great. We bought it and installed it a while back and love it. The transmitter gave up on us but I use it everyday and I have dropped it often and it still stood up to the beatings. It lasted about close to two years with abuse and scratches. Thanks for the fast response and service. Keep the Shelby alarms, they rock! Keep up the good work. Have a nice day." Mike S.
  • 05-19-09 "I purchased from you for my Ford Taurus and it was a very easy install. Got a new truck and thought I would come back. Great service and excellent install manual". Steven M. (Installed CA-530 into a 99 Ford Taurus)
  • 05-10-09 "Great service and great product, thanks again" Brian C. (Installed system into a 03 Ford Expedition)
  • 04-16-09 "The techs at auto alarm pro know their stuff! I installed my system in under 3 hours, the manual made it a pleasure to do. I'm thinking about doing my other vehicle soon." I highly recommend!! Tom G. (Installed into a 06 Ford F-150)
  • 03-09-09 "I don't have a question, but I do have a comment about your CA-210 system and the tech support that I received. The system was a breeze to install and it works great. Thanks very much for your tech support. I had one little problem and it was solved in short order. Again thank you very much," Jess A. (Installed CA-210 into a 07 Ford F-250 SC)
  • 03-06-09 "Derek, Thank you for all your help with the remote starter for my wife's FJ cruiser. Finally got around to installing the bypass kit and the system works great. Looking forward to getting one for my FJ." Chuck.
  • 03-02-09 "Derrick, Thank you so much for your help today. I pulled the battery terminal and the computer reset the code and now everything works great. The VSS system is awesome and is very easy to follow.  Anyway thanks again and have a great day." Grant G.
  • 02-27-09 "Wanted to write and say what an exceptional system you guys are producing. The VSS was very easy to follow and cut the installation time down to nothing. I have built about a dozen system to date and this by far was the easiest and quickest. I wish I would have used this system first. I will be purchasing additional systems for friends that want systems  I had the whole thing installed and working within an hour and a half. Would have been quicker, but one of the by-pass wires was not the color stated. I thought I had the correct one, but called tech support to verify before I cut it.  They verified I had the right wire by giving additional visual clues to look for in the vehicle. It was dark blue instead of light blue. System works great and the T-connecters are a God send. Well worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!" Kelly B. Hillsboro, IL. (Installed a CA-440TW into a 07 Toyota Tacoma)
  • 02-09-09 "I have recieved both my remote starters and have installed the one on the Buick. I would like to say that your instructions and kit were the most complete I have ever seen. Every thing went real smooth. Thank you for such a great product. I am looking forward to several years of use out of both units." Ken W.
  • 11-15-08 "I just wanted to say thanks for the Best install kit on the market! By far the easiest ever. It was so simple, I thought there had to be something missing. The VSS kit you put together for my 2008 Dodge Ram was outstanding and you have my standing ovation! The instructions were fantastic. Larger print than any booklet so you don't lose your place and separated step-by-step not all crammed together. I can't wait to buy another! Keep up the great work. Thanks so much guys" Rich from Albany, NY (Purchased SRT-9000 w/Bypass Kit)
  • 11-13-08 "Just installed my SRT-5500 system in my 04 Grand Cherokee, and your step by step instructions are great. I've put a few remotes in over the years, and yours is the easiest to install. I had a couple of questions about the system, and Derek was great to work with. Thanks, Russ A. in Lewiston, ME.
  • 11-03-08 "This company is GREAT! Tech support is UNBELIVEABLE. Had a little snafu and Derek came thru with flying colors. Derek with his expertise found the problem. Highly recommend and will purchase another system for my Toyota in the future. Thanks again, Derek "your the man". Ron from New Jersey
  • 08-04-08 "Thanks again for all your tech support help.The availability of your staff made this installation possible.  Derek help me troubleshoot a difficult problem and never once lost patience with me. I will recommend your company to all I know". Cheers, George.
  • 07-14-08 "You have probably heard the subject quote, usually in jest.  But I can’t think of any phrase that describes the professionalism, courtesy and above and beyond service provided by AutoAlarmPro. I received and installed my second CA-530 VSS system from AutoAlarmPro. I utilized both email and phone support and have not experienced service and support to match this in many years. I am 72 years old and squirming under a truck dash is no longer something I look forward to, but with the step by step detailed and exact instructions you provide with the kits, it was a breeze. You actually get a few extra bits of hardware so you are not sweating losing a connector or screw and not having enough to finish the job.  I am totally impressed with all aspects of this outfit and it’s personnel. Thanks Derek working with you was special.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!" Jim N. Colorado Springs, CO.
  • 07-8-08 "...great website to purchase from. I really like the live emails sent after purchase and the status emails I received telling me my order was going to be shipped all within 3 days of my purchase. Most websites just send you automated emails and you dont know anything further until, or if its going to, arrive. A real pleasure! Thank you." Dotie in New York, NY.
  • 06-29-08 "Absolutely the best attitude, product support & service I have ever dealt with from any company! Don't believe me? just call them. I highly recommend it. Thanks Derek, you were a great help! (post this!) Al J. in New Jersey
  • 06-15-08 "I am very very very satisfied with the service of Auto Alarm Pro. I placed an order and was notified from start to finish of the order and shipping. The VSS is great. The tech will love it. You guys are great and i will order from you again and recommend you highly to all that I know. Thanks again, you guys are great. T. P. in Lafayette, LA
  • 05/29/08 I bought a remote starter from and it came all set up for my 03 sierra including a installation guide that showed exactly what wire from the remote starter connected to what wire in my truck. The install went pretty easily. I had to call tech support for some clarification and they were a big help and very nice. I higly recommend their systems. J.C.
  • 05-5-08 "Hey Derek here's a testimony for ya to post. That CA-530 you suggested I get is as you claimed, the best built system I have ever installed. The way code alarm designed the fuses on the inside of the module is really impressive including the way you place the fuse to set the polarity of the output, really nice design. I also like the fact of no external relays and it actually has a direct 2nd accessory output, not the type where you have to use a relay if you need a 2nd accessory output like on the other systems ive been installing. The remotes are really built well and are probably the sharpest looking remotes Ive seen. They really make the scytek systems I was installing look like a cheap chineese import (as you said they were). You really know what your talking about. By the way, you were also right about just taking a scytek system module and placing a code alarm system compared side by side that you could immediately see the much higher quality of the code alarm system. It was funny, I dropped the scytek system on the floor like you said and yep the module completely fell apart! They don't even put any screws in the case to hold the case together as you mentioned. Which sucks sometimes because when you go to mount the module with some zip ties under the dash, if you pull the zip tie nice & tight the module cover snaps apart. Anyways, you got me sold on the code alarm systems and I will be buying them regularly, just email get me that discount code for multiple purchases when you get a chance. Thanks." J.R. in San Hose, CA
  • 12/30/07 "Happy New Year, I installed the system in about four hours. Everything works great. Thanks for the clear instructions and quick response. In Northern Maine having a remote starter is a blessing. Thanks Again, Phil.
  • 12/05/07 Derek and crew, I recently bought and installed a Code Alarm CA 530 in my 1994 Honda Accord, prewired and preprogrammed by you and your company.Thanks so much for providing such great installation instructions and customer service! The instructions were right on, and the precrimped connectors along with the supplied T Taps made it an easy install.  All in all took about 4 hrs. I had a few questions during the installation and emailed the tech email/customer support email, and always received a timely response (in under a few hours).The customer service makes it so you really arent on your own in the installation! The CA 530 works great, awesome range (I tested it to over 750 ft).  No need to worry about cold mornings in CT anymore! I look forward to purchasing another prewired system from you guys again in the very near future. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!! Sincerely, Phil C.
  • 11/05/07 Thank you. This is a first class bussiness operation. Joe V.
  • 11/03/07...installed the ca-530 vss and gmdl-bp bypass kit into my 2005 silverado took my time and had it in within 3 hours. The instructions were great and easy to follow. Great system! Thanks. Damon L. from FL
  • 10/27/07 "Installed the CA-630 VSS into my F250, flawless kit with excellent instructions. A Real quality set-up. It totally blows away any system from slickcar (commando systems) or scytek. I have installed them both in the past and will stay with the systems from alarmpro from now on. Keep up the good work!" Kevin J. from TX
  • 10/17/07..."I installed mine and it took about 6 hours I guess, to do it again would go a lot faster though. It's not a very difficult job IF you have a detailed installation guide. I got mine from The system comes pre-wired for your specific vehicle. Check them out, talk to Derek he's great. Customer Posted on
  • 10/08/07 "...great set-up, the CA-680RS installed easily into my f-250. Code alarm makes a quality system and the vehicle specific version you guys put into it raises the bar. Definately satisfied with my purchase, great website. Thanks. Martin S. in Florida
  • 08/24/07 "Thank you guys! You are the greatest!...Fast service too! I ordered the bypass just two days ago and whammm it was here this service I ever had from an auto alarm company...tell your boss to give you a raise...and I will tell all my friends about this...remote starter fits like a glove..." Walter K. Jr. "From the good ole state of Main" (Purchased CA-420 w/XK04-PKFORD Bypass Kit)
  • 08/10/07 "Problem has been solved with my alarm. Both remotes had to be reprogrammed. I appreciate your quick responsiveness and great customer service. Thanks for your help." Mike C.
  • 08/03/07 "Derek, You're the best. My husband picked up the keyless remote from the Chevy dealer and he had it progammed in 15 seconds.The dealership was going to charge me $65.00 for less than 1 minutes worth of work. At times like these, thank goodness for the world wide web. We'll be doing more business with you real soon!!! Thanx!!!" Rashida T.
  • 07/05/07 "Hello Customer Support: Thanks for doing a great job with my order (#8725), which I just received today.  I appreciate your accuracy, efficiency and in-depth knowledge of auto alarm products.  I will definitely order from your company in the future. Best regards, Brent B. in California
  • 06/12/07 "Derek, I recieved the CA-530 yesterday. It is working great, the installation instructions are very good.Thanks." Greg T. Port Orchard, WA.
  • 05/18/07 "I recently bought an installed the autopage 900 system from auto alarm pro and i'm very very happy with the whole purchase. the system is worth the money and I highly recommend it. the range is phenomenal i couldnt walk far enough away to get it to go out of range! i didnt want to walk that far! the way the system was set up for my truck was the best feature. it would have took me a week to figure it out using just the factory install manual. Great website. Tommy C. Buffalo, NY.
  • 05/03/07 "Finally got around to installing the ca-530 into my 05 sierra. The pre-wired set-up was very professionally done. I prefer the shrink tubing over wraping electrical tape around the wiring. The step by step manual was dead on and the gmdl-bp interface is definately the way to go! I'm very pleased with my purchase and will use again in the future.Thanks." Don B. Chicago, IL
  • 12/21/06 "Hi Derrick, We purchased and installed the remote starter from you. We are extremely pleased with this product.The product was received promptly, and in addition to that, when I called I got quick and accurate information from you. We are 100% satisfied in all aspects of this purchase (my wife LOVES it !!!) Thanks again for making this a great online purchasing experience."
  • 04/23/07 "We installed the Shelby CS-750R Two Way Security & Remote Starter System with the PKT-2 Bypass Kit. Everything worked out great. We have the manual transmission and have to do the "REMOTE START READY MODE" proceedure which works great for safety... Thank you for the great product and your company tech support with the installation guide. It was very helpful and accurate. My boyfriend called tech support last saturday and they were very helpful and the instructions were clear and accurate. We are very happy and we already started spreading the word and showing it off as well. We are definitely going to do business again. Thank you." Alice C. (Installed Shelby CS-750RM for Manual Transmission in a 2007 Toyota Tacoma)
  • 03/10/07 "Just emailing you guys a note to thank you for the great service. The CA-530 installed flawlessly with the GMDL-BP kit on my Sierra. The installation instructions were exact and the GMDL-BP programmed easily. I Highly recommend the product and service!" Chuck R.
  • 03/10/07 "I installed the Alert 5500R-LCD yesterday. I was impressed with the directions and kit you sent me. Also I appreciate your help." Tim E.
  • 02/27/07 Wow what a great product! I installed a ca-530 on my 93 toyota, I have another system that I had installed on my chevy blazer that cost twice as much with less features and less range! Your product is what you say it is and can be installed as easy as you say it can! I spoke with Derrick who told me what I needed to know to buy the right product and what it would take to install it myself.You take the time to do things right and give awesome support if needed! Your instructions are clear and to the point , easy to understand and follow! You even cover minor things that can glitch along the way! Thanks again AutoAlarmPro and thank you Derrick I reccomend you and the products you sell !!! Your number one in a day and age when it is hard to find honesty and real service. Bill H. Summit hill, PA.
  • 02/17/07 "Its 30 degrees out and I just finished installing the two remote starters I purchased from auto alarm pro. The whole installation took a total of 3 hours 1.5 per vehicle. I only had one glitch with one of the accessory wires but that was quickly fixed checking the online wiring guide for the vehicle. your manuals and prewired harnesses made this even easier than a car stereo to install. I will tell everybody I know about this site." Michael J.
  • 01/06/07 "...i installed the remote lock system yesterday in about 4 hours. i am 76 years old and wear bifocals. if you have never had to twist your head around under a dash to see thru the bottom of your glasses you will not appreciate the problem it is. your kit and instructions are great. if an electrical dummy like me can install it, anyone can, if you ever have anyone who wants to talk to a customer that has installed one of your lock kits in a 98-01 toyota corolla have them e-mail me, you have my 5 star rating. Joe N.
  • 12/24/06 I recently ordered a replacement remote for my alarm system and starter.  I have to tell you, I was more than pleased with the product, the price, and the service.  It was a pleasure to do business with you and I will definately recommend your products and services to anyone in the future. Thank you very much," Barry S.
  •  12/11/06 "I ordered and received the alarm last week. Installed it this weekend. The custom instructions are very good and the pre wired harness is definately the way to go. Thanks for the fine service and product." Steven L.   
  • 12/03/06 " I would highly recommend auto alarm pro to anyone wishing to install a remote start or alarm.  The remote start arrived quickly and the directions were laid out in a simple and easy to understand manner.  When questions did arise with the install Derek at tech support was a Godsend.  He walked me through any problems that I had (this was my 1st install). In all my experience was excellent with Auto Alarm Pro. They are definetly rated #1 in my book." Bill J. Waco, KY
  • 11/20/06 "Hey guys, excellent pre-wiring job. I liked having the 2 relays I needed wired in with no mess or cluttered set-up. The shrink tubing of the wires was top notch. You guys definately put some heart into what your doing. I'll highly recommend to my car club. Don L. in TX
  • 10/28/06 "I installed  an Alert 3500R Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry system on my 2005 Rav4 today. I just want to compliment you on your excellent step by step written instructions on how to install the unit. THEY WERE GREAT!  Also, the test light worked super. There was no way I could have installed it using the instruction manuel that was provided by Alert. It was a pleasure using your instructions. Everything works great. My wife loves it.Thanks Again, great product, excellent instructions." Paul R.
  • 10/20/06 "THANK YOU! Very clear answers. You guys have the best tech support hands down!" Tom
  • 10/07/06 "Long story short, I bought a used car with an old code alarm system in it and it was acting up after some maintenance was done preventing the car from starting. I called the manufacturer to try to get some fix for it but no luck except how to disconnect the system, then I called and spoke to derick at and within 10 minutes on the phone he guided me on how to re-set the system and find the problem. My car started right up and I bought the $12.00 part I needed + an extra remote. Derick save me from having to replace the whole system as the manufacturer suggested. Excellent company & service they really know their product. Ed in Chicago, IL.
  • 10/02/06 "Great installation instructions! Really a quality set-up...I highly recommend and will pass the word." K.M. in Dallas, TX (Purchased CA-670)    
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