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Vehicle Specific Remote Car Starter Kits DIY

When wanting to install the luxury of a remote car starter system into a vehicle with a manual transmission a vehicle specific ready system from will provide you with all the parts & information you'll need to install the system into your specific vehicle, guaranteed! You won't find another company that provides remote starter kits like we do...

Did you know that your vehicle could need several additional parts to complete the install that other providers just don't include in with their remote starter systems? Anything from a bypass interface kit, relays, diode's and resistors could be additionally required depending on your specific vehicle. Some systems even require you to purchase a separate key to your vehicle! Whats great about a VSS kit from is that you don't need a spare key and don't need to know what you'll need, we do it for you and include it all in one vehicle specific ready kit. With our quality systems and product knowledge, we strive to maintain an integrity within our industry that keeps our customer's confident in the products & services they receive as well as in the people who provide them.

CA-5152MT Remote Starter for vehicles with a Manual Transmission
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  • VSS Vehicle Specific System: The CA-5153MT will be vehicle specifcally set up with all the parts & information you'll need for the exact Year, Make & Model of vehicle the system is ordered for. You will be asked the year, make and model of vehicle during checkout.
  • Vehicle Specific Installation Manual: Step-by-Step Installation Manual that indicates exactly what wire from the system connects to what wire in the vehicle, where to locate the vehicle in the vehicle and how to verify its the correct wire using the VSS kits supplied test probe.
  • For Vehicles with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION Only.
  • Built-In Safety "Remote Start Ready Mode" Circuit
  • Includes any needed bypass/interface kit for the specific vehicle. 
  • Includes momentary clutch interface relay. 
  • Includes 2 of the above pictured 4-Button Remote Controls
  • Anti-Code Copy Remote Controls  
  • 800 to 1000 feet of remote operating range
  • Extended Range Windshield Mounted Antenna: With Built-In Status LED and Valet/Programming button.
  • 6 Remote Start Run Times: The system can be set to run by remote start for 5, 10, 15, 20, 45 or 60 minutes.
  • Extended Remote Start Run Time by Remote Feature
  • 2 Remote Start Activation Modes: The remotes can be set to activate the remote starter with 1 or 2 presses of the remotes remote start button (2 Press is the default setting)
  • Over-Rev Protection Circuit 
  • Power Trunk Release Output: If your vehicle is equipped with a power trunk release button, the system can activate the release by remote control.
  • Panic Mode Output:
  • Remote Start Confirmation Parking Lights Flash
  • 3 Built-In Ignition/Heat/AC Output Relays
  • Diesel Compatible
  • Horn Pulse Output ON/OFF Choice: Quickly pulses the vehicle horn 1X when activating the remote start
  • Silent Choice
  • Valet Mode 
  • Auto Lock/Unlock with Ignition
  • Remote Keyless Entry: Remotely Lock & Unlock your vehicles power door locks.
  • Progressive Car Finder:
  • Remote Start ON/OFF Safety Toggle Switch 
  • OEM Factory Alarm Disarm Output:
  • Data Bus Interface Plug:
  • Includes Installation Connector Kit:
  • LED Stlye Test Probe:
  • System Service Manual
  • Under Hood "Vehicle Equipped with a Remote Starter System" Safety Sticker
  • 2 Year QC Warranty:
Vehicle Specific Remote Car Starter Kits

Product Questions: 1-586-677-9580
Installation Technical Support: 1-586-677-9589

Hours: 9am-6pm M-Fri. & 9am-3pm Sat. Closed Sun. & Holidays
Location: 15932 Angelo Dr. Unit 3
Macomb, Michigan 48042-4050

Sales & Returns Policy

DISCLAIMER: Systems provided by include all the parts and information confirmed throughout the car alarm & remote starter industry to successfully provide the features & functions of the device sold when properly installed. does not guarantee, nor imply that "anyone" can perform any required installation. Our VSS systems are stated "easier" to install due to the VSS (Vehicle Specific System) designed platform that significantly reduces the time, labor and additional parts & information needed to perform the work and should not be misconstrued as an "easy" or "no-brainer" "anyone-can-do-it" interpretation, presentation or product. No returns or refunds on applied electronic parts, warranty repair or replacement only. Electronic components still in its delivery state can be returned for refund within 30 days from date of delivery, restocking fee may apply. Contact Auto Alarm for details or return authorization. 2002-2014 All Rights Reserved
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