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DIY Vehicle Specific Remote Car Starter Kits

Designed for the Car-Savvy DIY and Novice Installer

Looking to install a do-it-yourself remote car starter with keyless entry system into your vehicle? Well, making sure that you have all the correct components and information needed to successfully install the system into your specific vehicle can be somewhat confusing and time consuming, and all of the extra components you'll need are usually sold separately with standard system's. One way to eliminate this necessity is with the purchase of a vehicle specific kit from

A DIY vehicle specific ready kit from will provide you with all the parts and installation information needed to install the system into the exact year, make and model of vehicle you order the system for. No separate purchase of a bypass, interface kit, relays, connector's, wiring guides or even a test probe are needed, its all included in each vehicle specific system. You will have all the mandatory parts and information needed to install and provide the features and functions detailed under each VSS systems offer and applicable to your specific vehicle.

You will be asked to indicate the Year, Make & Model of vehicle you are ordering the system for during checkout, then one of our technicians will verify your order and e-mail you within 1 business day to confirm that we have a VSS kit available for your specific vehicle. With over 500+ vehicle specifically designed systems, odds are we have a VSS kit for your vehicle! Thank you for your visit! Questions? Call: 1-810-824-4112

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DIY Code Alarm CA-5154 VSS Remote Starter w/Keyless Entry Kit  
New Model Up to 2500' of Range!
The Code Alarm CA-5154 VSS is a complete vehicle specific ready remote car starter, keyless entry and power trunk/hatch release kit. Upgrade your factory remote keyless entry system or add a keyless entry system with remote start to a vehicle not equipped from the factory with these features. The system will remotely lock and unlock a vehicles power door locks, activate the power trunk or hatch realease and remote start the vehicle and from up to 2500 feet away. Warm up the interior and defrost the windshield in the winter & activate the AC to cool it down in the summer.

  • Complete Vehicle Specific Ready Remote Starter Kit: No additional parts required.
  • VSS Vehicle Specific System: The CA-5154 VSS complete is available in virtually hundreds of different vehicle specific ready kits. You will be asked to indicate the Year, Make & Model of your vehicle during checkout.
  • Step-By-Step Vehicle Specific Installation Manual: Indicates exactly what wire from the system connects to what wire in the vehicle, where that wire is in the vehicle, and how to confirm that you found the correct wire by using the CA-5154 kits supplied test probe.
  • LED Style Test Probe: Easy to use LED style test light is provided with the kit to use with the supplied step-by-step vehicle specific installation manual to verify the wiring needed to connect to in the vehicle.
  • Bypass Interface Included: Any needed Bypass Interface Kit for the specific vehicle the CA-5154 VSS will be installed into is included.
  • Includes Two 4-Button Remote's: The Remote's will work from 1000' to 2500' away with a 434Mhz receiving antenna that mounts on the inside of the windshield directly behind the rear view mirror to provide a more dependable and longer operating range.
  • Keyless Entry: Remotely LOCK & UNLOCK the vehicles doors.
  • Power Trunk or Hatch Release: The CA-5154 VSS has the ability to remotely open the trunk or hatch of vehicles equipped with a interior power trunk or hatch release button.
  • Car Finder Feature: Press the bottom left button on the remote and the CA-5154 will beep the vehicles horn a few times to help you locate your vehicle in crowded parking lots.
  • Remote Start: Compatible with vehicles with AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS only.
  • Gas & Diesel Engine Compatible: Installer programmable 10, 15, 20 or 45 second delay before crank times for Diesel engines (10 second delay is the default time)
  • 6 Available Remote Start Run Times: Installer programmable to run for 5, 10, 15, 20, 45 or 60 Minutes (15 Minutes is the default time).
  • Built-in Relays: Built-in 1st and 2nd Ignition Ouputs & 1 Accessory Output to turn on the vehicles HEAT or AC when running via the remote starter.
  • External Control Relay's: Pre-wired external relay's for vehicles that need a 2nd Accessory and/or 2nd Start wire connection.
  • Smart Tachless Installation: No need for a tachometer wire connection on most vehicles for easier installation. Tachometer connection option is included. Tech note: DIESEL engine vehicles would require the tachometer connection.
  • 2 Press Start: The remote start button on the remote has to be pressed 2X to activate the remote start feature. Helps prevent accidental remote start activation.
  • Safety Brake Input: Shuts down the remote starter if the vehicles brake pedal is stepped on before the ignition is turned on.
  • Silent Choice Option: 1 press of the lock or unlock button will silently lock or unlock the vehicles doors and just flash the vehicles parking lights and a second press of either button will beep the vehicles horn.
  • Remote Start Activation Chirp: ON or OFF choice.
  • Horn Output: The system can use the vehicles horn as a sounding device during remote start activation or when locking or unlocking the vehicle.
  • Advanced DATA Port: Makes a variety of bypass interface kits easier to install. Reduces the number of wires needed to be "hard wired" to the vehicle or system via a plug & play type data plug.
  • "Quick-Connect" Installation Kit: Don't want to have to directly splice into every wire into the vehicles wiring? No problem, no striping and splicing required! The kit includes a T-Tap process which provides fast, clean & insulated connections from the system to the vehicle using just a pair of pliers! Quicker & easier than soldering or using a T-harness, (But of course you can connect the system to your vehicles wiring anyway you prefer, but their included anyways). Tech note: Many supplied bypass kits included with the CA-5154 VSS may require 1 or 2 wires to be directly spliced to insure proper performance.
  • Installation Tech Support: Dedicated tech support access available 6 days a week via Email or Phone. Tech support phone numbers and email addresses are supplied in each installation manual.
  • 2 Year Full System Warranty: will repair or replace each and every part of the CA-5154 system that's found to fail from normal everyday wear & tear for a period of 2 years from date of delivery.
  • Carlink SmartPhone Interface Compatible: Sold separately.
  • Have Some Questions? Call us at 1-810-824-4112 or Email us HERE
  • This system is not compatible to vehicles with a MANUAL TRANSMISSION. For vehicles with a manual transmission CLICK HERE
  • This system is not available for vehicle's with in-dash "Push-to-Start Buttons"
  • Allow 7-10 days for delivery from the date your order is placed. Shipped USPS Priority Mail.

Installer Testimonial's:
"I received my CA-5153 last night. I removed my car panels last night. Installed the remote start during my lunch break today, and will put the panels back tonight. The system works flawlessly! I tried another brand in the past but had terrible luck with them. This vehicle-specific system is the perfect way to go. I didn't have to run back out for more connectors and I didn't have to go back inside to do more research. The instructions were clear, concise, and I will definitely be recommending you guys to my friends."

"I received my CA-5053 VSS yesterday and I installed it this morning in my 2005 Chevy Silverado. The installation instructions are so precise that after installation and a quick programming it worked superbly. I had tried a different brand prior to finding Auto Alarm Pro and ended up returning that system due to poor customer support and no help at all with interface module. I am very happy I found this Vehicle specific starter company, and will use it again when necessary and I will recommend it to all my friends."

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Code Alarm CA-5153SST Long Range Remote Car Starter
The Code Alarm CA-5153SST VSS is a complete vehicle specific ready remote starter with keyless entry kit. The CA-5153SST VSS has all the same features as the CA-5153 VSS above with the addition of a 900Mhz receiver board that boost the systems remote operating range from 1000 feet to up to a mile.

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Code Alarm CA-5053 Remote Starter with Keyless Entry System
The Code Alarm CA-5053 VSS Standard is a complete remote car starter and keyless entry system. The CA-5053 VSS has all the same features as the CA-5154 VSS above except for the metal style remote's, has less range (600' - 900') and is not Car Connection Pro SmartPhone compatible.

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DISCLAIMER: All systems and/or parts provided by include all the parts and information confirmed throughout the car alarm & remote starter industry to successfully provide the features & functions of the device as described when properly installed. does not guarantee, nor imply that "anyone" can perform any required installation. Our VSS systems are stated "easier" to install due to the Vehicle Specific System (VSS) designed platform that significantly reduces the time, labor and additional parts & information needed to perform the work and should not be misconstrued as an "easy" or "no-brainer" "anyone-can-do-it" interpretation, presentation or product. No returns or refunds on applied electronic parts, warranty repair or replacement only. Electronic components still in its delivery state can be returned for refund within 30 days from date of delivery, restocking fee may apply. Contact Auto Alarm for details or return authorization. 2002-2014 All Rights Reserved
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