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DIY Vehicle Specific Remote Car Starter Kits
 Will I need anything additional besides the system, like a bypass kit?
No. All VSS systems come complete with any bypass and/or interface kit needed for your specific vehicle. Including any relays, resistors, diodes etc.  back to top

 What TOOLS would I need to Install a System?
Wire Strippers/Cutters, Pair of Crimps, Pliers (Preferably the angled channel-lock shaped type) Common Socket Set (Preferably 1/4" drive), Screwdrivers, Drill (Preferably Cordless Type), Standard Drill Bit Set (For installing LED's, Toggle Switch etc.)   back to top

 I want a VSS system for my vehicle but I don't see anything on the website that indicates how the system will come for my exact year make & model vehicle or if you even have a system available for my vehicle?
How it works: You find the system that has all the features & functions your looking for on our website and after you add the system to your cart and proceed to checkout, you will come to a page that will ask the Year, Make & Model of your vehicle with additional check boxes that you will check to indicate what factory options the vehicle is also equipped with (Power door locks, factory alarm etc, for example). Then after your order is submitted, within 1-24 hours, one of our car alarm & remote starter specialists will check your order and make sure that what you ordered is available in the VSS platform for your specific vehicle and then immediately email you back your orders status. In the rare event that we don't have a VSS system for your specific vehicle, we will also email you, cancel the order and immediately release the full amount back to your credit card.  back to top

 Will I have to cut any wires in my car?
Depends on the specific vehicle, most no, but if required only one or two.  back to top

 Is the system a "Plug & Play" type set up?
Close, but not in the general sense commonly related to computer & audio application's, but they are the closest to "plug & play" for a car alarm or remote starter installation that you will find. The system does "plug-in", but you will be required to connect individual "T-Taps" (supplied with the system) on each of the designated wires in your vehicle. Then the wires from the system, which have the connector's already on them for you, are then plugged into the connection you made on each wire (see example pic. below).  back to top

 Hows the VEHICLE SPECIFIC VEHICLE manual written?
Information is everything! A Concise & Easy to Follow (Numbered Step-by-Step) System-2-Vehicle Installation Manual is included with every system. These manuals ELIMINATE the need to refer back & forth from several different guides during installation. They indicate exactly what wire from the system is connected to what wire in the vehicle, where that wire is in the vehicle and how to verify it, using the kits LED style test probe!   back to top

 Whats the difference between the manuals I see offered by other sites on the net and autoalarmpro.coms?
The "Vehicle Wiring Guides" that other sites offer indicate just the wiring for the vehicle, it doesn't tell you if you actually use the wire or not for your specific vehicles installation. Our "System-to-Vehicle" installation manuals do. A VSS manual indicates exactly what wire from the system is connected to what wire in the vehicle and where that wire is in the vehicle.  back to top

 Will I be able to INSTALL this myself?
This decision is totally your responsibility. What each individual is capable of accomplishing is practically unpredictable for us. Our advice is, if you have never been under a dash before, not very mechanically inclined or never even installed as much as a radio before or hooked up some "fog lights" (just for example) and really just looking into something like this to save some money...please go to your neighborhood car alarm & remote starter installation shop! Strong focus, patience and the ability to read & understand instruction's properly are a must. Most of all, you have to enjoy doing this type of work. Our set-ups are intended for the avid car enthusiast, able or car-savvy "Do-It-Yourselfer", professional and "shade tree" mechanic, beginner, novice or inspiring aftermarket auto electronics installer.  back to top

 How much TIME do you think it would take me to install it?
This is practically impossible for us to honestly answer for depends on several factors, for example, What Year, Make & Model the vehicle is, what features the system has, how mechanically inclined you are (your dexterity), your personal ability to read and follow instructions and how comfortable you are doing this type of work... But, we can tell you this, no matter how much time it would take you to do it, our vehicle specific set-ups will cut your installation time in half (at least) as compared to purchasing an off-the-shelf universal unit...our customers have claimed an average of about 3-4 hours, but this also depends on the model of system and the type of vehicle its being installed in. We have had emails from alot of customers telling us that they got the system like the CA-4051 & CA-5150 installed in 1 1/2 hours.   back to top

 What is AutoAlarmPro.coms RETURN POLICY?
All electronic systems and/or components purchased from (excluding clearance items) still in the original condition as received can be returned for a refund within 30 days from date of delivery. Only warranty replacements and tech support is provided thereafter. Under no circumstances are any of the electronic components, systems or services offered by are sold freely to try, freely to use to diagnose, experiment or evaluate and that absolutely all returns will be subject to a 20% restocking & services rendered fee prior to the refund process which also covers S&H reimbursement.  back to top

 Why do the systems on autoalarmpro cost a bit more than other systems I see on the net with the same features?
Very good question! First, they really don't have all the same features needed for installation. Our systems come with every thing you need for the installation, the systems your seeing don't. They are off-the-shelf universal systems that are manufactured to be sold retail and installed by professional installation facilities. And these shops separately carry the extra parts needed for installation. Most vehicles need extra bypass kits, door lock interface kits, maybe some relays or diodes etc. that are not included with a standard off-the-shelf system. Ours do. So by the time you figure out what extra parts you need and spend the additional money on them so you can install the system, you'll actually may end up spending more money and for sure more time. Secondly and just as important, our systems are set-up vehicle specific (VSS) and come with a step-by-step system-to-vehicle specific installation manual that indicates exactly what wire from the system is connected to what wire in the vehicle.  back to top

 What type of shipping is available?
All VSS systems are shipped USPS 3-Day Priority Mail Insured with Tracking. Parts & accessories are shipped standard USPS. No other shipping options are available at this time.  back to top

 Will installing a system in my vehicle VOID my vehicles warranty?
No. Theres a Federal Law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that prohibits the automotive manufacturers from voiding a warranty if an aftermarket product is installed into a vehicle still under OEM warranty... ...though, under some circumstances, and it is AutoAlarmPro.coms' understanding, that if the auto manufacturer installed a remote starter feature, for example, on the vehicle at the factory, as a standard feature, and you decided you didn't like their version of remote starter and had it replaced with an aftermarket system, they probably would void the warranty on the factory installed remote starter, but not the complete vehicles warranty.  back to top

 Can I transfer the system into another vehicle?
No. They are VSS designed systems (Vehicle Specific System) and only have the wiring needed for the specific vehicle in which it was originally installed.  back to top

 Can I return the system if I didn't even take it out of the box?
Yes. Within 30 Days from date of Delivery. But, a VSS set up labor charge and S&H will be deducted from the refund. These systems are custom made to order and our techs still have to be paid for setting up the system for you.  back to top

 Can I return the system if I personally can't install it?
Yes & No. Yes, if you didn't try to install it. No if the system was attempted to be installed. Parts Warranty Only. You would have to find someone who can install it for you. Would you want us to sell you a system someone already tried to install?  back to top

 Can I get the system without the VSS set up at a discount?
Yes. But you'll have to call for details and pricing (1-586-677-9580).  back to top

 Do you ship outside of the USA?
We ship only within the USA and Canada.  back to top

 Are all your VSS systems in stock?
Yes (Displayed as "Items Remaining" under each system). But their not Vehicle Specifc ready yet until you place your order. After you submit the order, the system will be set up for your year, make & model vehicle.  back to top

 How long until the VSS system is shipped?
Within 3-4 business days (Except Oct thru Jan). Shipped 3 Day USPS Priority Mail. Systems are commonly delivered within 7-10 days.  back to top

 Does make some of the components?
No. We don't make the components, we just make them work! We assure the integrity of the systems we offer by using them ourselves over time, QC bench testing and purchasing the systems by some of the top vehicle security and remote starter manufacturers in the USA.  back to top

 Does the VSS set up come with a T-Harness?
No. Each wire in the vehicle is independently T-Tapped into.  back to top

 Can I cut off the connectors from the system and directly splice them in?
Sure. Its your system and vehicle, you can make the connections any way you want.  back to top

 Wheres most of the connections made when installing a car alarm or remote starter system?
95% of the time most of the connections are made under & behind the drivers side dash and behind the drivers side left kick panel. And depending on what type of system your installing, one or two wires under the hood, which would need to ran from under the drivers side dash thru the firewall out to under the hood (For siren or tach wire connections)  back to top

 What are the most common dash panels I would have to remove for installation?
The most common are the dash panel thats across from your knees when your sitting in the drivers seat, the drivers side left kick panel (A panel under the dash thats to the left of your left ankle when your sitting in the drivers seat) and the steering column cover behind the steering wheel.  back to top

 I want to order just a replacement remote, how long before it ships out?
Normally within the next business day. Shipped USPS Standard. Usually delivered within 3 business days from the day its shipped (within the USA).  back to top

 Will installing a system change anything about how my car works now?
No. All systems install parallel to the vehicles wiring and do not change any of the factory features in your vehicle or how they work.  back to top

 Which system is the easiest to install?
The less the features the system has, the "easier" it is to install. But we wouldn't say that any system is "easy" to install...Honestly, the easiest system to install is by taking the vehicle to a professional installation facility to have the system installed. Installing a car alarm or remote starter system is definately not for everybody!  back to top

 Why was my credit card charged days before my system was shipped?
All VSS systems are specialty made-to-order and must be paid for in full, in advance, after the order is placed to cover the parts and set-up labor charges. These are not "off-the-shelf" system's.  back to top

 Can I transfer the system into another vehicle later?
Maybe, depends on the year make and model of vehicle you want to transfer it to. We offer re-wiring service that ranges from $75.00 to $95.00 depending on the vehicle and system.  back to top

 Can I return the system if I tryed to install it?
No. Only systems that are in the original condition as received can be returned within 30 days of from date of delivery. Contact us for any return authorization.  back to top

 Will a system with keyless entry lock and unlock my doors for me?
Yes. But only if the vehicle is already equipped with factory power door locks. If not, you would need an additional 2 or 4 door power door lock kit.  back to top

 Will my factory remote's still unlock the door's after I install a remote starter system?
If your factory remotes work now with the engine running, they will also work after the remote starter system is installed. If they don't work with the engine running, installing the CA-4050 remote starter will provide the ability to unlock the vehicles doors with the engine running on most vehicles.  back to top

"Honestly, if you can't get one of the systems from installed, you probably won't get any system installed. The vehicle specific set-up cuts the installation time in half and the step-by-step guide eliminates all the guess work."  T.C. Austin, TX.

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