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Vehicle Specific Remote Car Starters Kits

Vehicle Specific Remote Car Starter Kits
Since selling some of our first vehicle specific systems back in 2002, still today our #1 response from installers is basically: "It
cuts installation time and labor in half!" (Click HERE for some installer testimonials). Every VSS kit is professionally custom wired and harnessed, connectors are machine crimped to the ends of the wires, then the needed polarities are pre-set and the control module is pre-programmed "vehicle specific ready". All you need to do is indicate what year, make and model of vehicle the system is being ordered for during checkout and then we will custom prep everything that can be done to the system. You won't have to figure out what wires you will or won't need from the system or what the wires polarity output needs to be, all this will already be done for you.

DIY Remote Car Starter Kits No Additional Parts Required
Any required bypass or interface kit is included and pre-programmed vehicle specific ready. Any relays, diodes, resistors etc. necessary for the specific vehicle are also provided and will be pre-wired into the system. Any required external relay's will also come pre-harnessed.

Vehicle Specific Remote Car Starter Installation Guides
Having all the parts you need is great, but information is everything! Eliminate the majority of the wiring and installation questions that will occur when using standard vehicle wiring charts, universal installation manuals and non-vehicle specific DVD's: 
Our exclusive system-to-vehicle installation guides combine all the information needed into one concise manual that will take you step-by-step with making every connection. Each VSS guide indicates exactly what wire from the system is connected to what wire in the vehicle, where that wire is located and how to confirm that you found the correct wire using the VSS kits supplied test probe, and many (but not all, yet) of our VSS manuals even supply photos and/or diagrams of the wiring needed in the vehicle. 

For over 11 years now, our system-to-vehicle installation manuals have successfully guided 1000's of "car-savvy DIY'ers" and novice installers to a successful installation (click HERE for some installer testimonials). Designed, developed and written right here at, our professional installation technicians not only have extensive hands-on installation and troubleshooting experience themselves, but also have access to several of the largest most in-depth and up-to-date vehicle specific wiring data base's used in the automotive aftermarket field today, so you can have the assurance that the information you will receive has been confirmed throughout the automotive aftermarket electronics industry.

Remote Car Starters Installation and Connector Kit
Don't want to have to directly splice or solder every wire from the system to the vehicles wiring? You don't have to if you don't want to: Each of our VSS systems come pre-setup with machine crimped insulated male spade connectors on the ends of most of the systems wiring, then the wires are "T-Tapped" (not to be confused with "Scotch Locks") into the side of the vehicles wiring. Each kit comes with 3 different sizes of T-Taps to connect to the 6 most common wire gauges connected to in vehicles when installing car alarms and remote starter systems. Additionally most kits will also include barrel type crimp connectors, eye-ring connectors (a.k.a. chassis ground connectors), crimp caps, self-tapping screws and nylon zip-ties. On a technical note, our bypass or interface kits do not require soldering but will require a couple of wires to be directly spliced into the wires in the vehicle (threaded thru like the eye of a needle) due to the thin gauge of wiring their connected to in the vehicle, details and an illustration would be supplied in the manual when required.

LED Style Test Probe for Installing Car Alarms and Remote Car Starter Systems
No need for the sometimes confusing and awkward use of a Multimeter... When installing a VSS remote car starter or alarm kit, your not so much concerned with the voltage levels of a wire, but with the "polarity" of the wire at specific times and the VSS kits included LED style test probe simplifies the whole testing process. Used in almost every step of the system-to-vehicle installation guide to verify the correct wire, the LED style test probe simply lights a RED LED to indicate a positive polarity or a GREEN LED for a negative polarity, simple as that (not to be confused with the old 12 Volt "light bulb in the handle" type test lights, which should never be used for testing any wiring under a vehicles dash). 

Remote Car Starter Installation Technical Support
Lifetime technical suupport: Have an installation question? No problem. Rule #1 is to never make any assumptions when installing aftermarket electronics into a vehicle! We have dedicated technical support lines with techs that have years of hands-on installation and troubleshooting experience to answer any questions you may have before, during and after the installation. Tech support is available M-Fri: 9am-6pm and Sat: 9am-3pm (Eastern) via email or phone. Technical support numbers are supplied in each installation guide.

Remote Car Starter Vehicle Compatibility Guarantee
Armed with over 23 years of vehicle security and remote car starter installation and industry experience, has provided vehicle specific systems for over 2000 different year, make & model's of vehicle's. Every system order is pre-verified for vehicle compatibility before being processed and a status confirmation will be sent via email within 1 business day. If in the rare event that the system you ordered is not available in the VSS platform for your specific vehicle, one of our technicians will email you the status of the unavailability and promptly return your payment.

Professional Grade Remote Car Starter Kits
All components provided by meet or exceed OEM specifications. Designed and developed in the USA and Canada, used by professional installers all across the country and by some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the USA. Components supplied provide the most current technology available to ensure system-to-vehicle integration and are QC certified, FCC compliant and have been thoroughly evaluated for performance, reliability, design and value to insure brand integrity (we personally use and install what we sell). is a factory direct authorized dealer for all the brands of components we provide. All components are purchased directly from the manufacturer and stocked in our facility located in Macomb, Michigan (Suburb of Detroit).

2-Year Repair or Replacement Warranty will directly repair or replace any part of a VSS kit for a period of 2 years from date of delivery that's found to fail from normal everyday wear and tear. All components must be directly determined defective by an technician via our tech support line in which he will then authorize and assist in the process of warranty repair or replacement if needed. This warranty in not transferable and extends only to the original purchaser and for the VSS system of the vehicle it was originally installed.

Free USPS Priority Mail Shipping w/Purchase
With purchase. All VSS systems are shipped anywhere in the USA and its territories via USPS Priority Mail.

Not intended as a "general consumer" product: All VSS systems provided by are custom made on a per-order bassis only which includes all the parts and information confirmed throughout the car alarm and remote car starter industry to successfully provide the features and functions of the device sold when properly installed. P
lease be advised that as much as we strive to design our VSS kits to be the least challenging and minimally labor intensive as possible to install, can not and does not guarantee nor imply that "anyone", private or professional, can perform the required installation. Our VSS systems are presented as "easier" to install due to the Vehicle Specific System designed platform that significantly reduces the time and labor involved and eliminates the need for any additional parts & information necessary to perform the required work. Our kits should not be misconstrued as an "easy" or "no-brainer" "anyone-can-do-it" interpretation, presentation or product. Our VSS designs are focused towards the "car savvy do-it-yourself" and novice installer. Our company's integrity begins with us clearly indicating to you what we can't and don't do...and that's determine or assume any one individuals abilities, this strictly remains the installers' responsibility.

Absolutely no returns or refunds on applied electronics: warranty repair, replacement or technical support only. Electronic components still in its delivery state can be authorized for return within 30 days from date of delivery. Return shipping cost is strictly the purchasers responsibility. A flat rate of $24.95 vehicle specific set-up labor service fee and actual shipping cost will be deducted from the return refund. Contact for more details or for any return authorization. Thank you and have a great day!

Contact 1-810-824-4112
Sales & Returns Policy

DISCLAIMER: All systems and/or parts provided by include all the parts and information confirmed throughout the car alarm & remote starter industry to successfully provide the features & functions of the device as described when properly installed. does not guarantee, nor imply that "anyone" can perform any required installation. Our VSS systems are stated "easier" to install due to the Vehicle Specific System (VSS) designed platform that significantly reduces the time, labor and additional parts & information needed to perform the work and should not be misconstrued as an "easy" or "no-brainer" "anyone-can-do-it" interpretation, presentation or product. No returns or refunds on applied electronic parts, warranty repair or replacement only. Electronic components still in its delivery state can be returned for refund within 30 days from date of delivery, restocking fee may apply. Contact Auto Alarm for details or return authorization. 2002-2014 All Rights Reserved
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